Andhkar (darkness) meditation is a meditation by which we are able to focus our attention on our focal point. When we go into a dark room we get thoughts of ghosts and witches and sometimes it seems as if someone is standing behind us but in reality this is not the case. It seems because we have never tried to live in the dark place, which makes us afraid of the dark.
In dark meditation, we practice meditation by going to a dark room. It is true that if we practice meditation in the dark, our mind remains doubly active and works well. Where is the boundary of the body and where it is not, it is not even known. Sometimes we don’t even know where we are and where we are not.
It has been said that we experience what we see, it is because we very quickly trust what we see with our eyes and also what we hear, but why do we trust it because we trust them deeply. are connected to, then the whole notion of existence becomes completely distorted.
Darkness is a problem for those people who have unstable mind. He\she always fear about darkness and not comfortable with that. But if, you have stable mind then darkness is the beautiful thing to you because this is the coolest or strongest thing where you focus on your meditation because nobody can disturb you. This is the only thing that pervades the existence through is darkness. Darkness is nothing, it is the lap of the universe in which we all roam continuously.