Aditya Hrudayam Stotra is to praise the Sun God. This is the one hundred and fifth canto of the war of Ramayana written by Shri Valmiki. In which it has been told that Lord Shri Ram is standing in the battlefield to fight with Ravana, only then Agastya Rishi asks Lord Shri Ram to chant the mantras of Sun God.
When Lord Sri Rama was standing in the battlefield tired of war and worried about how to end the war, how would he be able to win over Ravana. In the meantime, Ravana also came in front of him for war. Seeing this, sage Agastya, who had come to see the war with all the gods, seeing Lord Shri Ram in concern, went before him and said. Mahabali Ram, who resides in everyone’s heart! I tell you an eternal secret stotra (mantra), you listen to it carefully. By chanting this you will get victory over all the enemies in your war. The name of this secret mantra is Aditya Hridayam Stotra, by chanting it you will always get victory. By chanting this thrice, you will be victorious in this battle.
This is eternally Akshaya and Kalyan Stotra because Sun God is the Mars of Mars. It is the destroyer of all sins, it is an excellent means to remove worries and sorrows and to increase the life of man.
Lord Sun is adorned with rays and he is the god of bright zodiac and gives strength and energy to the world with his rays. All the gods are his form. He follows the whole creation along with his bright rays of the demons. They spread their rays and follow the gods and all the worlds.
Therefore, you worship him with determination and by chanting this Aditya Hrudayam thrice, you will be victorious in the battle. Lord Shri Ram’s mourning went away on this saying of sage Agastya and he looked at the Sun God with joy and keeping him in mind, holding his Aditya heart and after chanting thrice, he enthusiastically raised his bow to fight Ravana. and looks at Ravana. He decided to kill Ravana. At the same time Lord Suryadev, standing in the midst of the gods, looked at Shri Ram with a happy heart and said with pleasure that the time for the destruction of Ravana is near- O! Raghunandan Hurry up now!