Nataraj is the energy of dance. It is also a meditation by which we eliminate all our anger through dance and we do not have any stress and it also gives peace to our inner soul. As you know Lord Nataraja is very famous for dance and moreover he is a famous dancer in dance. This meditation is to be done with its specific Osho Nataraj meditation music which indicates and energetically supports the different stages. Osho Nataraj Meditation is of 65  minutes duration. There are 3 different stages–;

  • First Stage : 40 Minutes

We dance for 40 minute with our eyes closed, due to which we are able to collect our attention and do not control your movement to what is happening. Only get engrossed in the dance.

  • Second Stage : 20 Minutes

Close your eyes for 20 minute and lie down peacefully and silently.

  • Third Stage : 5 Minutes

5 minutes gracefully dance.