Fearless meditation is based on the daily practice like step-by-step. When we afraid It takes 40 minutes to 1 hour to meditate towards freedom from fear. In this, inhale and exhale through the mouth, being aware of the breaths. When we go to the height we feel very scared and we think that we can never touch the height, it is because we do not believe in ourselves whether we will be able to face the height or not. But what will we do when we have to face the heights everyday. Do we have to take someone everyday for our works, don’t we?

But when we practice meditation on our fear, then our mind gradually becomes calm, fearless and confident, which gives us the courage to move forward by overcoming the fear inside us. Similarly, when we face heights every day, then the fear inside us gradually starts decreasing due to which we start feeling fearless. This meditation helps us to awaken our self-confidence and make us fearless.

It provides an easy way to let go of our worries and fears. And from there the real courage is born in us so that we are not afraid to do anything and can overcome our fear. Through fearless meditation, we trained our mind to stay in the present moment not in past and it arises as an anxious thought but we have to let it go and control our thoughts so that we can be fearless. When we doing any meditation we have to focus on such theory like-

  1. Always focus and concentrate on our mind.
  2. Freely Breathing and always focus on them.
  3. Always think positive not negative.
  4. Our mind should be clear.