Anapanasati Meditation

In active meditation, we awaken the energy of our body by keeping our body active. To awaken the energy of the body, we take the help of dance, jogging, etc. After keeping the body active for 30 minutes, sit down immediately. By meditating for 30 minutes sitting quietly and still, we can reach the state of meditation.It involves any sort of meditation where you focus on a detached stimulus of any kind. It can be a sound, sensation in your body, or even something visible object. For example-: When you start paying attention to your work, then you do not know what time is happening or you do not feel any stress pertaining anything.

Active meditation is a meditation in motion. It’s all about focusing on the task, or object at hand bring mindful meditation into our daily routine. Active meditation, where you engage a physical move that enables you to focus on our mind and become more aware of yourself. It is the ability to remain in a meditative state.