Thala means “Head”, Pothichil means “Covering”. Thalapothichil is also known as Shirolepana. This treatment involves the covering of the head with medicated paste or a thin cloth or tied up for a certain period. It is a application of medicated paste on the head. Thalapothichil is a cooling Ayurvedic therapy in which a thick herbal paste is applied to the head to treat several problems related to the head. After 40-50 minutes,  the paste is removed and a gentle head massage is given.

In patient head, the paste and medicated oil applied over the body and scalp. Patient has to sit comfortably in a chair and Varti is to be tied around his head. Thereafter paste should be applied on his head with a thickness. At the center, a dip trench is made and taila is poured into it. Lotus leaves are to be covered on the applied paste  and tied around the head. After one hour,  lotus leaves, and the paste should be should be removed and after the head is washed and the herbal powder is to be applied.

Indicia-: Hairfall, Dandruff, Mental tension, Depression, Insomnia, Hair and Scalp issues, Stress, Epilepsy, and Pitta Dosha Imbalance.

Thalapothichil massage is beneficial for above health issues.