It is a therapeutic deep tissue massage using herbal powder and medicated oils. Udvartana massage is done in an upward direction opposite to that of the body hairs which point is downward. It is a treatment in Ayurveda, in which specially prepare herbal paste or herbal powder is massaged over the body for reducing weight and fat. Udvartana is a complete detoxification process for the body and it also exfoliates the skin cells.  The body is massaged with herbal powder and then rubbed all over the body with bags of warm sand. This therapy beneficial in obesity, paralysis, etc. The blockages in the blood vessels are removed and pores are open, removing body stiffness, and facilitates better absorption of oils through the skin. There are 2 types involved in Udvartana massage-:

  1. Snigdha Udvartana-: Snigdha means with Sneha [fats like medicated oils, or ghee]. In this type of massage, the herbal powders are not directly rubbed over the body. This paste is rubbed over the body in reverse direction from below upwards after ‘Abhyanga massage.’
  2. Rooksha Udvartana-: The name itself represents that no oil is used in this procedure. This massage is opposite of Snigdha Udvartana. In this massage, herbal powders are directly rubbed or stroked without mixing oils or ghee over the body in upward direction after conducting Abhyanga. It may lead to small problems like skin abrasions or skin damage who have sensitive skin, heaviness, stiffness, laziness, morbidity of Kapha.

Indicia-: Obesity, Cellulitis, Infertility, Leucoderma, Metabolic syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Psychological disorder, Excess Fat.

Udvartana massage is beneficial for above health issues.