Vedic Mantra Chanting


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What is Vedic Mantra Chanting

Vedic Chanting is a form of meditation that changes the place of your mind and keeps it stable. It helps to cure stress-related disorders as it gives a stress-free feeling and provides a positive attitude for facing problems. Mantra Sadhana is the spiritual treatment of physical barriers. If you are physically relaxed and thinking, and your emotions are clear and calm, these things make your connections and relationships with people quickly. Stress Meditation’s benefits are stress-free life, substantial mental control, practical decision skills, and awakening of the third eye.


  • Chanting improves immunity.
  • Helps to calm the mind.
  • Vedic mantras help in balancing the chakras.
  • Increases concentration and learning.
  • For a healthy heart.
  • Helps to release stress.
  • Keeps depression at bay.
  • Increases radiance.

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Types of chanting of Vedic mantras


In the mantra’s meaning, our instinct should be ready to be stable, chanting of chants and joy began to come, and the intellect started settling in the divine, it is called chanting mantra.


The chanting in which even the tongue does not move, chants heartily and gets our mind engrossed in the meaning of chanting, it is called Pashyanti mantra chanting.


In this, even the lips do not move, and no other person can hear the mantra.


The chanting of the high tone is called Vaikhari mantra chanting.

About Aditya Hridaya Stotra

In Indian tradition chanting of Vedic mantras is a part and parcel of life. The sacred Gayatri mantra was explained in Rig Veda. It was initially explained by Vishwamitra maharshi. As it is concerned about sun, it is also called as Savir mantra. Methods: Thirty healthy, willing, hostel students (15 boys and 15 girls) in the age group of 11-14 years were included in the study.

After recording the baseline values, all the students were trained in Chanting Gayatri mantra for a week days by Veda pundit before the starting of the study. After a week days, the participants started chanting the mantra once a day, for five days a week, early in the morning at 6am under the supervision of Vedic expert for 10 minutes for16 weeks.

Post intervention values were recorded after 16 weeks. Results: Results were presented in tabular form.There was a significant increase in the both spatial and verbal memory scores followed by the chanting of Gayatri mantra.

About Vishnu Sahasranama

Vishnu Sahashranama is found in the Mahabharata. Vishnu Sahashranama means 1000 names of Vishnu and it is found as Anushasana Parva which is related to the chapter of orders and rules of the king in Mahabharata. When the war of Mahabharata was going on, Bheeshma Pitamaha was defeated by Arjuna and was seriously injured in the battle. But Bheeshma Pitamaha was blessed by his boons that he could choose the time of his own death, he choose to die in Uttarayana and waited for the auspicious time. During this war all the men of the family of Kaurava dynasty died except the five Pandavas and the unborn child of Abhimanyu. Yudhishthira, the eldest of four brothers, became the king of Hastinapur. The question between Yudhishthira and Bheeshma Pitamaha is in the form of answer in the Anushasana parva, in which Bheeshma is asked a question as to what is the best possible hymn, Bheeshma replies that is the “Vishnu Sahashranama” and teaches it to Yudhishthira.

In the afterward Goddess Mata Parvati asks Shiva , the best deity of the universe, what is the easiest way to memorize this stotra, then he replied that repeating the name of Rama is equal to this Sahashranama.

It is important to note that it is the easiest way to prescribe this method who does not have enough time they can only read this stotra daily.