Basti is a therapy that uses an enema of herbal oils or decoction to heal the body.  In this, the therapy is given to the patient by medicated oil or herbs. It is the procedure by which the medicines in suspension form are administered through the rectum or genitourinary tract. Medications given by enema primarily treat Vata Dosha which is the main etiological factor in the manifestation of diseases. In this therapy, Vata is the force behind the elimination and retention of feces, urine, and other excrete. Basti balanced all 3 Dosha which Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. In this therapy, there are two types of Basti involved-:

  1. Niruha Basti-: This Basti, eliminate or cleansing enema through herbal oils. In Niruha Basti, the treatment is given by decoction and medicate oil, ghee this will be  administered through anal route.
  2. Sneha Basti-: It causes colonic detoxification and helps to flush out all the toxins. It helps to lubricate the colon and stimulates bowel movements. It reduces the backache, and that pain which is caused by gout and rheumatism.

Indicia-: Paraplegia- Muscle weakness and extremities, Sciatica, Impaired posture and balanced, Rigid muscles. Hemiplegia- Strokes, Brain Injuries, Spinal cord  injuries and infections, Sexual Dysfunction, and Amenorrhea.

Basti therapy is beneficial for above health issues.