Osho night meditation is a meditation in which you meditate on the activities and things of the whole day while you sleep. When we start sleeping at night, we go into deep sleep, due to which we remember our whole day’s work but we have to remember that all the actions have to be focused by remembering in the opposite direction i.e. remembering from morning. Don’t have to start focusing from where it is at the moment.
Eg -: We are lying in bed now, we have to start meditating from there and then go towards morning. ( opposite direction )
When we meditate at night, thinking of old things makes us angry and sad, due to which we leave our focus point. Rather, we do not need to get angry thinking about those things, just focus on them, so that we can stay focused on our attention continuously.
If a person is suffering from insomnia, he can do this experiment as it is a way to open the mind and it is the solution to. This meditation has been brought by Gautam Buddha.