Osho Dynamic Meditation should be done in the morning 1 hour before sunrise, in youth for 6 to 9 months this meditation should be done daily. This meditation should not be done after sunrise. This meditation is founded on increasing awareness of feelings and emotions and the acceptance of living in the present moment. This increases the level of creativity in your work and it helps to curb your mind. It refers to the practice of strengthening your mind and body through calm and purposeful breathing or movement. Dynamic meditation method is the powerful method to create excess oxygen in the body. It is a meditation in which actions are involved. There are 5 stages of this meditation. Do this meditation standing up. Three phases are of 10–10 minutes, and two phases are of 15–15 minutes.
First stage -: Deep, rapid and chaotic breathing
In this phase we stand for 1 hour with our eyes closed. For the first 10 minutes we continue to take deep, chaotic and rapid breathing, so that we can eliminate the negative energy of our body.
Second stage -: Catharsis
After 10 minutes the music will change, express your feelings through crying, laughing, singing, dancing etc.
Third step -: Hoo-hoo mantra
After 10 minutes the sound changes, with the help of the claws, we chant the Am-Am-Am mantra, due to which the blood circulation remains in our body.
Fourth stage -: Stop or Freeze 
Suddenly the stop sound is heard, whatever position we live in, we stay in that position and remain aware of our incoming and outgoing breath.
Fifth stage -: Silence and Dancing
Celebrating the celebration with a nice sound completes the meditation.