Pizhichil is an ayurvedic treatment in which the whole body is massaged with streams of lukewarm medicated oils. Pizhichil is a crucial part of Panchakarma treatment that combines oil and heat therapy to remove toxins from your body and also improved blood circulation. Pizhichil therapy protects the body from illness and disease while relaxing and soothes effects on your mind but it also helps to improve the strength of your muscles and precautionary neuromuscular disorders. It is a body massage which lasts 60-90 minutes per day for a period of 7 to 21 days and it involve relaxing strokes primarily aimed at remove stress and anxiety. The patient should be made to adopt the seven standard positions, so that no area of the body is left uncovered. It is the topmost rejuvenating procedure of ayurveda. It is gift from Ayurveda to become Young again. Pizhichil is also known as “Sarvangadhara, or Kaya seka”.

Indicia-: Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Paralysis, Hypertension, Autism, Cervical Spondylitis, Hemiplegia, Neurological disorders, Paraplegia, Sexual weakness, Nervous weakness.

Pizhichil massage is beneficial for above health issues.