Vipassana meditation means “to see things as they really are”. It is taught by Gautam Buddha. Vipassana meditation is a logistic process of mental purification through self-examination. By doing Vipassana meditation, the mind gets real peace so that we live our life happily. When we sometimes feel discouraged, uncomfortable, and disharmony. When we are suffering, we do not keep our sorrows confined to ourselves but also share it with others. That’s why Gautam Buddha has told that first we have to “know ourselves”, about ourselves, what we are, what we want. Rather we have to understand our feelings, let our souls experience this truth on an experiential level. Vipassana meditation purifies our mind and frees us from the deep causes of our suffering, thereby making us feel at peace. When we do any meditation daily, then our mind gets peace, due to which we move forward in our life and get success. Meditation is such a practice that not only gives us success but we also control our mind, due to which we are able to take decisions at the right time, at the right place.
That’s why meditation is very important for our life because by daily practice vipassana meditation we get complete freedom from mental issues or defects. But before starting meditation, one should find a meditation teacher for himself because if we meditate without guidance then it can have a bad effect on our mind too. Therefore, whenever you want to meditate, do it under a meditator so that there is no bad effect on you.