Anapanasati meditation is the development of mindfulness of breathing. This meditation is taught by Gautam Buddha. As we know that the breath is life and without breathing we can all die also. The breath is vital, natural and soothing which is more important to us. In this meditation, is founded on increasing awareness of feeling and emotions and the acceptance of living in the present moment. It suggests that when you live in the past moment or think you’re not good, at that time you become more negative by getting frustrated making you feel more desperate and irritable. But when we doing mindfulness meditation we become more positive and confident which allows us to explore the trouble that comes with many different thoughts or ideas. It teaches you to not only notice such thoughts but also to let them go away. When we doing mindfulness practicing through the breathing then we develop and strengthen our mental abilities and spiritual qualities. We learn how to relax the mind and body or soul.

In Pali languages of the buddhist scriptures the Anapanasati which means “mindfulness with in-breath and out-breath.” This meditation is practice on Inhalation and Exhalation of breath to purify it. This meditation help the people at all stages of spiritual development and increases the clarity in mind. This meditation is doing under the guidance of meditator, if you doing this meditation in wrong way then it will affect on your body and mind and create more illness in the body.