Yoga Arogya Pearl – for one month

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Avikarma presents Yoga Arogya Swarna – 1 months package in which we cover various services & teaching about various asana and importance for human body.

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           Services Time/Hrs.
1.   Warm-up Exercise 10 min.
2.   Yoga Asana 30 min.
3.   Pranayama 15 min.
4.   Savasana 5 min.
5.   Meditation Once in 2 weeks / (10 min. warm-up +50 min meditation) = 60 min

Yoga Arogya Pearl – for one month Package

A.  Sitting Asana-:
Bhadrasana, Butterfly Pose, Bhadrasana for leg motion, Mandook asana, Shashank asana, Vajra asana, Gomukh asana, Sukshm exercise.
B.  Standing Asana-:
Tada Asana, Tiryak Tada asana, Triangle asana, Virbhadrasana, Leg Stretching, Surya Namaskar, Lower Back Rotation, Shoulder Rotation


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